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Journey of a business starts with a good logo & goal of becoming a brand that is easily recognizable one day.



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Following the design phase, you will be presented with 3 logo options based upon agreed objectives. Once final payment has been made, you will own the copyright to the final agreed design.

That’s no problem at all.

When the first set of designs are presented to you we will explain why design decisions have been made. At this point you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and request modifications if required.

You can request as many changes as you want, however up to 3 revision rounds are included within the typical project scope. In the unlikely event that additional revisions are required beyond this, they will be charged at a cost of ₹99 per revision round, and will be added onto the final invoice.

We’ll jump on a call, and we’ll work together to establish what’s not working, why, and we’ll work out a direction so we can proceed with the project.

It’s worth noting that the designs presented to you will be based on goals agreed with you before the design phase begins. This will include information about your business, competition and target audience. It will also include any specific requirements or expectations you may have, so this is an unlikely scenario.

We focus our design decisions on goals, which we will explain when presenting the designs. This will mean we have considered your business, target audience and competition. As a logo is a strategic tool it doesn’t need to be liked by you personally, but should instead perform for your business, and this is something we will discuss with you.

we will cooperate with you to throughout the project to ensure the design achieves all goals agreed upon, which will include any specific requests made before starting the designs.

It’s unlikely to happen, however, if after attempts to find an ample solution you still dislike the designs presented to you, you don’t need to make full payment. Before starting the project we take 50% deposit which is non refundable, but if you don’t like the work done for you, you don’t need to pay the final 50%. But we will retain ownership of all designs, ideas and work carried out during the process.

It is easier to do if you know what problem the logo is solving. But if talking about a logo as a standalone graphic design project, in our view, the style and technique are secondary, the logo is good when it has cool idea and when you keep finding hidden meanings in it, which were conceived by the designer to reveal an idea and which are not obvious at the first glance. Sometimes it’s just ingeniously.

Today with the logo people understand any type of trademark, but the word “logotype” refers to the text part only. In general trademark could have any representation. It could be graphic, textual or combined, e.g. icon, emblem, wordmark, etc. Which one to chose — depends on your context and objectives.